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Pairing with Penkridge

When PJ and I got married he joked in his wedding speech that marriage was all about compromise and his was centred around my cooking skills....

My first attempt cooking for my flat at Otago, saw the ‘absorption method’ for rice result in the purchase of a new pot. I’m the first to admit I don't excel in the kitchen and new recipes fill PJ with an element of fear.

I love wine and I love to eat delicious food, and I thought it's about time to work up from my 'rotation of 10' safe meals. A few weeks in lockdown provided a window of opportunity to start the ‘Justine learns to cook’ adventure.

And now more than ever we need to focus on local produce where possible, and supporting other local small businesses. 

Throw in the idea of pairing wine and food, not too serious, just a bit of fun, a bit experimental, but give it a go….and along the way enjoy a glass or two.

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And wish me luck!