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The People

Letting the past shape our future.

Penkridge | The People

The People

Letting the past shape our future.

Justine and PJ Davis feel privileged to own this land. It has grounded them, given them a focus and a vision for the future. That has even more clarity now with the addition of their two boys, Jack and Harry, the 6th generation to grow up in this region.

The family goes back 5 generations in the region (now 6!) to the pioneering days of Wanaka, with hoteliers, shopkeepers, farmers and now winegrowers.

PJ and Justine met in Dunedin, and she grew up down the road in Alexandra. PJ eventually proposed [heavy emphasis from Justine on the eventually] right in the middle of this block of land and wedding celebrations were held amongst the vines.

As often happens, work, travel and a busy life took the two of them overseas. Then out of the blue, a random meeting in Chicago led to the opportunity to return to Otago to where it all started.

Penkridge ties PJ back to Penkridge Downs, the sheep farm that he and his brother and sister grew up on. That farm was bought and named by PJ’s grandfather after a small market town in England near where he grew up before he immigrated to New Zealand. The land at Penkridge Farm was chosen in no small part because it looks out across Lake Dunstan toward the St Bathan’s range and the Lindis, to the hills of PJ’s grandfather’s sheep station, which still remains in the Davis family today.

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“It’s quite a busy time launching a new wine label, especially when disrupted by the early arrival of Jack, but it all adds to the excitement. We love that another generation can grow up in this beautiful place. Pet lambs, swims in the dam, and helping his Grandad look after the grapes, what adventures await…”


Antony Worch

Winemaker Antony Worch is from Alsace in north east France, and came to work a vintage in Central Otago in 2005. The region appealed to him and his partner Marion, and they kept returning. In 2010 he helped set up Alexandra Vintners, a co-operative winemaking facility. With an approach that prefers minimal intervention, and florality and elegance over big tannic wines, and his French background ensures his wines always complement food.

“It was an exciting step 3 years ago to begin our winemaking journey with Antony, which coincided with a greater focus on our efforts in the vineyard. With better practices giving better soils, we hope to deliver even better fruit into the winery. We are excited with this initial release of wines encompassing 3 vintages, but even more excited for what lies ahead.”