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Penkridge Farm Sheep

We have some new sheep!

We started our flock of miniature Southdowns with our ram Monsieur Boum Boum in 2018 and this year purchased another 2 rams and 3 ewes, with another 2 ewe lambs soon to arrive. Ideal in vineyards and orchards as lawnmowers they only grow to a mature height of 45-60cm at the shoulders, so are unable to reach the fruit.

They're very placid sheep and easy to train on sheep nuts, which makes them very easy to round up. A simple rattle of the bucket and they all come running. They’re exceptionally cute (they’re also known as babydolls) and make great pet lambs for kids.

We also have a flock of Wiltshires. They shed their wool in summer meaning no shearing so they are especially great low maintenance options for lifestyle blocks - exceptionally easy care! 

We will have Southdown ram lambs along with ewe and ram lambs from our Wiltshires, available for sale in Spring. Please get in touch!