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Penkridge | The Journal

Why Penkridge Farm?

This rusted old wool pack stencil from the farm PJ grew up on provided the inspiration for our name, Penkridge Farm. It ties us to our family, history, the land, and our understanding how fortunate we have been to grow up in rural New Zealand as country kids.

Penkridge Downs was the farm bought by PJ’s grandfather, and named after Penkridge, a small market town in England, near where his grandfather grew up. When he immigrated to New Zealand, he named 2 farms he bought after places in England (Coven Heath and Penkridge Downs).

It takes us back to the wonderful memories PJ has of growing up on Penkridge Downs. With our new baby due to arrive in November, it also makes us think of the fun this wee kid will have growing up on our farm, in amongst the vines, swimming in the irrigation dam, feeding lambs and all those great outdoor adventures Kiwi farming kids get to have.

This old rusted stencil demonstrated such simplicity, the raw nature of it helped guide us in our brand ideas, driving us to keeping it traditional, simple and elegant, and we think the team at Blend Creative have really captured this beautifully in our Penkridge Farm design.