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44° 55' 53.3" S
169° 16' 08.9" E
Pinot Noir 2019 - 6 Pack

Frosts at the start and finish of the season made this a challenging vintage, including a severe frost on the 13th of October when the new shoots were extremely vulnerable. Our frost fighting sprinklers worked their magic and we had minimal damage. Warm spring days and higher rainfall allowed good canopy growth, flowering and fruit set, resulting in high quality fruit at harvest in early April.

Powerful aromas of sweet cherry and red plum with vanilla bean.
Fresh and balanced, this medium-bodied wine displays sweet dark fruit.
Hand harvested
9th April 2019
26th February 2020
pH: 3.4
Antony Worch
Philip and Justine Davis
13.4% alcohol
Pinot Noir 2019 - 6 Pack
6 pack