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44° 55' 53.3" S
169° 16' 08.9" E
Pinot Noir 2021 - 6 Pack

A blend of two clones, 10/5 and Abel, the 2021 vintage was a relatively smooth growing season with average temperatures and rainfall but higher winds. A dose of wild weather around bud burst, and rain around flowering didn’t impact on the resulting fruit. Beautiful high quality fruit was hand harvested early, starting late March and finishing up in the first week of April.

Sweet cherry and red plum with vanilla bean.
Fresh and balanced, medium-bodied wine displaying sweet dark fruit.
Hand harvested
26th March – 7th April 2021
17th February 2022
Residual sugar
Matured in 25% new French oak - pH: 3.60
Antony Worch
Philip and Justine Davis
14% vol
Pinot Noir 2021 - 6 Pack
6 pack